Interesting connections

The Question:

Sometimes it feels like I have nothing to say that’s new to my partner. I don’t want to keep having the same boring “how was your day?” conversation all the time.

The Answer:

It’s true that one of the best ways to have an interesting conversation – is to become more interesting yourself!  It’s not a good idea to expect or depend on our partners to liven things up – we need to become more alive ourselves! That means perhaps subscribing to a national news weekly magazine, and reading about a variety of topics… including those you might not be in the habit of reading. Even short articles on science, international news, entertainment, politics, sports, the arts, can provide interesting subjects for discussion. 

Share what you’ve read, and give your thoughts on it… then ask for your partner’s reactions and thoughts on it, too.  Take a class, watch some TV that is different from standard shows, such as the History Channel, Science Channel, National Geographic, Discovery, PBS shows – all these can give new and interesting topics and ideas to share and discuss. 

Connecting isn’t just about sharing how your day has gone – although that is certainly lovely, too.  Growing and learning together can truly enliven a relationship.