Take Control of Your Thoughts

Here’s this month’s PAIRS Quick Tips –
Just a minute to invest in your relationship skills! 

The Question:

Is there one simple way I can improve my relationship? 

The Solution:

Find time each day to think positive thoughts about your partner.  Maybe it will be just a few seconds each day, but the more often you do, the better you will feel – and the more positive you will feel about that person.  Often we get caught up in recalling some negative behavior or thing that person said – and we play that tape over and over in our minds.  Instead, decide that it is important to nourish your relationship, and that you will not put any more of your energy into tearing it down.  Find a way to remind yourself several times a day to pause and focus on what you enjoy or appreciate about that person.  Put yourself in charge of what your mind is focusing on.  Even if you are skeptical, try this deceptively simple approach for a couple of weeks, and don’t be surprised as it creates a positive result.  Then, when it does… keep it up! 

PAIRS skills are so simple, and yet so powerful.  I just wish I’d known about them years earlier!  –  Jason C., McLean, VA   

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