Creating Positive Focus

The Question:

Why is it that all I can seem to think about is what’s not going well in my life?

We’re surrounded by negative news, fearful forecasts and stressful lifestyles.  We are designed to be alert to danger or perceived threats to our wellbeing as a protective mechanism.  What is created as protection, however, can in itself cause a problem when chronic negativity and fear affects our relationships and our health.

 The Answer:

While not ignoring real threats, it’s important to balance the fear-focused worries about smaller issues with the reality of what is going well.  Positive Psychology research has found that this balance can be provided in a simple and lasting way —  find a special Journal and “Take time each day to write down three things that went well, and why.”   People who do so are consistently happier and less depressed.  Simple steps to a more positive outlook that takes just a few minutes a day!


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