The Question:

Often, I just feel lonely and disconnected, even though I have lots of friends and a caring partner – what can I do? 

Our culture today distracts and discourages us from getting much physical touch.  We sit at computers in cubicles, isolate ourselves with video games, I-pods, social networking on the internet – during which there is no in-person physical connection in hearing, sight, scent or touch from another human. This disconnectedness has been shown to lower immune functions and increase illness.

The Answer:

Several sources suggest that everyone needs much more physical touch than we are probably getting – at least four hugs a day for healthy survival, eight hugs a day for emotional strength and 12 hugs a day to really grow and be empowered.  As research continues, the number only gets higher.  Stop and think about just how often you give or get a hug.  We need to reach out for friends, family, loved ones and ask for a real hug.  If we don’t have enough friends we can comfortably and appropriately hug – we need to make more!  We aren’t talking about just “it would be nice” to connect more – we are talking about our healthy survival!  Read the excellent book “Love and Survival” by Dr. Dean Ornish for the research and data that shows this clearly! 

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