When focusing on my relationship seems challenging.

The Question:

Why is it that my thoughts feel like a blur, and ideas drift away without focus? 

Our 24/7 world encourages filling every waking hour with work, shopping, household chores, meetings.  We can feel like we have wasted time if we are not “doing something” – but at the same time, we can feel overwhelmed and out of focus.  We often feel disconnected from ourselves, from our partner, and from others we care about. 

The Answer:

Consider finding just a few minutes every day or two for Journaling.  It can be on your computer, or a special notebook – just a private place to write down your thoughts.  Research has shown if you journal both what happened in your day, and your feelings about it as well, that several things happen:  your physical health and immune system strengthen, there is a sense of some relief to get feelings out and not hold them in, and at the time (or perhaps on later reflection) you can get a different perspective on what bothered you, or your strong feelings about certain areas of your life.  Then, when this is clearer, it is easier to focus on new goals or decisions. You will feel less foggy and overwhelmed. 

PAIRS has shown me how to focus on things I chose to ignore.  I have grown in more ways than I can count, and will always treasure my time in PAIRS.”  –  Debbie J., VA 

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