Appreciations in Relationships

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The Question:

I don’t get the feeling that I’m appreciated – why is that? 

Most of us hear plenty of comments (even on the evening news these days!) that seem to let us know we haven’t done the best job or made the best choices in life decisions.  We also have a lot of “inside chatter” in our minds blaming ourselves or noticing how we could have done better.  It’s easy to feel unappreciated. 

The Answer:

Often, we think a positive appreciation, but choose not to actually say it.  But the truth is, we ALL need to be recognized for the good things we do, even little things.  If we only hear criticisms or requests to behave differently, we do not feel very good.  Choose to be around friends and encourage your partner to make it a habit to speak up and share lots of genuine, specific appreciations every day.  It’s a good new habit to make, and everyone benefits. 

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