The expectation problem for relationships

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The Question:

Why doesn’t my partner just know what’s bothering me?


Since we’ve been together awhile, it seems like my partner should understand me and know my wants and needs without having to be told.  If I have to tell them, even if they do it, I don’t really appreciate it, because I had to tell them.  Isn’t that a reasonable thing to expect?


The Answer:

Even when we’ve been together a long time, our wants and needs may be unclear or may change.  Each partner needs to take the time, in a positive way every day, to check in and share what’s going on – our hopes, our disappointments.  Mind reading is a skill best left to magicians!  For most of us, we need to avoid assuming our partner can read our minds, and just speak up pleasantly, cheerfully, and often to share our wishes, needs and hopes.

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