How do I keep closeness when I’m so busy?

The Question:

How do I keep closeness alive when I’m so busy?

The busier we are, the more we need to be smart about prioritizing how to spend our time.  If we push time with our partner to the bottom of the stack of to-do’s,  we will end up lonely and disconnected, and all the money or high-profile lifestyle in the world won’t really bring us happiness.

The Answer:

Research shows that if you spend just 15-20 undistracted minutes a day sitting across from your partner, holding hands, taking turns sharing thoughts and feelings about your day (not just what happened, but how you felt about it, too), while your partner listens without interruption or suggestions to “fix things” — that your relationship will grow stronger and you will feel happier.  Do you think you might have 15 minutes each day that you are spending on something less valuable?

“Before I just wanted out… PAIRS definitely helped save our marriage.”  – Jo K., NC